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PHOCT Round 5 Part 4 - Long Shadows
PHOCT Round 5 Part 4 - Long Shadows
AJ had just enough time to register the vibrantly pink-suited man before he drew a hidden blade and lunged for Drac.
"Thane!" she shouted.
Drac moved without thinking, bringing his arm up to intercept the thin blade as he twisted to the side, throwing it off target. Blood began to flow from the wound, but it was better than the alternative. He took a large leap backwards as Eris pulled the blade back and thrust like lightning again. The tip of the sword poked him in the chest as he got distance, but didn't penetrate the skin.
Drac crouched down and drew his knife from its holster, holding it point out and close to the chest to ward off any more thrusts.
Eris hopped backwards as AJ took a wide swing at him with her own knife. He glanced at it and pursed his lips. He took up a fencing stance in the doorway, where only one of the two could come at him, and held his sword out, daring one of them to come closer.
And then he bolted back into the club.
AJ a
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Project Hades Round 5 Summary
Project Hades Round 5 Summary - Long Shadows
• Suddenly a Thoth appears! AJ and Drac try to explain they're not the ones who killed Anubis but Thoth isn't buying it, pointing out that he was killed by Famine and they have it right there. The riot envelops them and Thoth tries casting a spell only for AJ to get him with Famine. While not a deep wound, the nature of the weapon means Thoth is sufficiently distracted to allow an escape.
• Eris and Hope try to cut through the slums only for them to find out that the inhabitants of the slums have surrounded them. Eris does not try to escape, but rather quietly accepts this. Hope wants to know why he's not trying to run and he says the time isn't right yet.
• AJ and Drac are contacted again by Apollo, who informs them that their quarry is being held captive in the slums. Apollo does berate them for cutting Thoth with Famine but says that he may know of a method to remove the curse, for a price to be discussed after the conclusi
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Project Hades Round 5 Part 3 - Long Shadows
Project Hades Round 5 Part 3 - Long Shadows
Eris had to give the staff of The Rouge credit. They carried on quite well after the literal patron diety of the establishment had been slain. The music thumped through the floors, walls, and bones of every customer, spurring many to the dance floor. Despite the death of a god, business was booming in The Rouge. "Though," Eris thought as he sipped a brandy, "More than a few may be here to try and forget the perils assaulting the Underworld."
Is that why we're here, Eris?
Eris still wasn't quite used to hearing the voice of a little girl in his head, accompanied by a minor headache. He sipped the brandy again before he answered. "Not quite, Hope. We're in the latter group: the ones biding their time. It was Hecate's...hope...that the public venue would discourage your would-be assassins, along with this brief body switch, while she and Doctor worked on fixing your problem."
Can it even be fixed?, said Hope. <
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Project Hades Round 5 Part 2 - Long Shadows
Project Hades Round 5 Part 2 - Long Shadows
"So, Thane, do you have any idea where we should even start looking for info on Charon or are we just going to canvas the whole city hoping for a miracle?"
AJ sat on a stool at a roadside diner, munching away on a burger. Drac poked at his but otherwise seemed uninterested in eating.
"Or we could try to go find Baldur again, though apparently he has a pesky helm of invisibility."
Thane poked at his burger some more before he said, "I don't know. This is the first time I've ever actually wanted to do something like this. To talk to random people and gather information. I'm not sure how to go about it. In a non-threatening manner," he amended, glancing at AJ as she mimed punching someone.
"Eh, that's boring," said AJ, devouring the rest of her burger. "Not like I have experience doing this either."
"We could start with the rumors maybe," said Drac. "Seems all of the Underworld is getting turned upside down by something or another."
"You got tha
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PHOCT R5 Part 1 - Long Shadows
PHOCT R5 Part 1 - Long Shadows
The room was dark, sparsely furnished, and quiet. Not at all the kind of place one would expect a god to spend his final moments in. There was no sense of legend, no grudge settled, nothing to denote a death worthy of the divine. Instead there was a body that had never changed expression, a pool of golden ichor staining the sheets, and the wicked dagger that had done the deed still embedded in Anubis's heart..
Thoth did not dare touch the dagger that had murdered his friend. He sensed its darkness and knew that even if Anubis had not been slain outright the curse upon the blade would have ensured he met his end soon. Either way, the one who had committed this crime had sealed a god's fate. Or rather, the ones who had committed this crime.
AJ and Drac. The names floated within Thoth's mind; the identities of Anubis's murderers.
"Apollo," said Thoth quietly. "Your guests, the ones called AJ and Drac, are they still in this temple?"
A dark corner stirred and
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Project Hades - R1
Hope sat on a rock. It wasn't actually a rock, but a giant turtle with a stone shell that hadn't seemed to care as it slowly trudged forward. And several others had taken seats on the giant, so she did the same. At first she'd been nervous being in the middle of this huge crowd, uncertain if she'd inadvertently absorb some residual bad luck. After a few tentative forays she felt nothing happening, and upon Doctor's insistence she'd plunged right in.
Now she was on a rock turtle in the middle of a motley crowd, en route to destinations unknown. Doctor had been unable to tell her what was going on, other than that this huge crowd was incredibly unusual for the Underworld. Then word had traveled back through the crowd that Charon, the ferryman, had vanished and the gods themselves were recruiting people in this Waiting Room to seek him or his new host out.
"How did Eris know what was going to happen?" she muttered to herself.
"A question asked by many, answered by none,"
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PHOCT Meme: Hope by Madican PHOCT Meme: Hope :iconmadican:Madican 0 1
Project Hades - Hope Audition
Hope sat in a chair to the side of the room, dressed in what had been several blue hospital scrubs that had been torn and sewn together into a makeshift tunic. Shelves of heavy books lined the walls next to her, tomes for everything from arcanic medicine and metaphysical concepts. The center of the room was dominated by a black stone slab with numerous sigils etched in silver upon it. Next to the slab was a surgeon's table with all the tools needed to perform a ritual. Candles, chalk, chalices, and several selections of ceremonial knives. Several of them had cut her flesh. One had actually killed her before.
I'd never seen my blood spray so far, she thought as she eyed a blood-stained kris.
She glanced to the side. Next to her sat a strange man in an all pink suit with a straight wooden cane leaning against his legs. She took care not to be caught staring at him.
No bad luck; none at all. I didn't even know that was possible. What's he doing here, today of all days? I don't l
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Project Hades - Hope Profile by Madican Project Hades - Hope Profile :iconmadican:Madican 0 5
Daily 2,000 6-24-12
The world was ending and I was sitting on the bus. It wasn't some instant realization of "Oh fuck" and then nothingness. A comet didn't split the planet in two and Jesus didn't descend from the heavens.
Actually it was kind of a lame start as far as endings of the world go. A tiny black speck in the perfect center of the city, right in City Hall's lobby, that slowly grew. And I do mean slowly. It had appeared two months before and right now was about the size of a pea. People had already observed that anything it came in contact with was devoured and that nothing could contain it. Cages of all sorts were tried but they were eaten when it expanded through them. Don't ask me where they got cages that small.
So the news outlets ran with it and triumphantly declared that given time the sphere would end the world as it grew. Then calculations were run by brainy scientists who said that at the current rate of expansion, our city would be gone in a little over a thousand years. Well it's been
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Mature content
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Rift Arena - R1 P2
Dust vanished and Carbo tapped his feet impatiently. An instant later the transporter room vanished to reveal the sandy arena again, with Dust about ten feet away. Carbo let the whip uncoil and put his thumb on the button. If he recalled his weapons, it had to be depressed constantly for safety measures.
"Ladies and gentlemen!" said the voice of Fred, reverberating throughout the arena. "For today's matchup we have an interesting pair. In this corner, you saw him tear through a witch like paper, the man with a grudge for magic, the Scarecrow, Dust!"
The invisible crowd behind the reflecting walls cheered enthusiastically, though they really hadn't gotten to see much of the fight considering how fast Dust had slain the witch.
"Please take note, esteemed spectators, that we have seen fit to balance the scales so the fights last just a tad bit longer than Dust's last spectacle. And on that note, you saw him demonstrate complete lack of regard for life and limb, master of nut-based amphibi
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RIFT Arena - R1 P1
Rock and Roll
Kicking Up Dust

Carbo was not happy. Sitting in the middle of what the giant-bouldered Carbo had told him was a cafeteria, wearing his janitor's uniform, he reflected on what he'd gotten into. After being informed that he'd passed the auditions, apparently making hippos choke was a crowd pleaser, he's also been informed what his price had been. Not Armory property and not anything in the hollow. It was his heart. His clear diamond, enchanted, only thing keeping him moving, heart.
He'd intended to go through with this tournament anyway to reclaim property so he wouldn't be dismantled, but now he had a much more personal reason to be the victor. And by the end of it he would deliver a thumping to Fred one way or another.
The cafeteria was fairly lively, though by Carbo's standards it may as well have been a mob considering how often he'd met other people in the Armory. There was a giant green monster, humans of all shapes and sizes (including a stuttering kid), an
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Rift Arena - Audition
In Which a Janitor Duels a Hippo With a Nutty Frog
Mop mop mop went the mop as Carbo the janitor swung it back and forth like a pendulum as he danced along to some hip song playing from his stereo on the cart. He lifted the mop up and splashed the head back into his bucket before making even more of the white floor wet, backing up as he went with a butt shimmy. A large expanse of shiny floor lay before and in front of him, populated by rows and rows of pedestals that stretched off beyond the horizon. If the blue ceiling, curiously matching his janitor uniform, had been quite as far away as the walls of the Armory at the End of Time, Carbo might even have been able to pretend he was outside. Instead the ceiling was a mere twenty feet above, with glowing panels set into it to light the Armory and allow Carbo to see which part of the floor he had not yet mopped by its sheen.
Carbo stopped mopping for a moment as his mop bumped against the base of a pedestal. A shimmering hole in sp
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Rift Arena - Carbo
Why do I have to fill out these forms? I've got floors to mop. Then again it has been a couple centuries since I took a break. Hrm, guess I can play around a little. Not like I won't pop back when I'm supposed to be.
Name: Carbo, and I will thump anyone calling me Harpo. Wasn't funny when Curator did it and you're probably a lot fleshier so I can thump you.
Age: I don't age. Nothing in the Armory does. This counting prior to sentience?
Gender: Male I suppose. I like the way females look, but I'm not grafting geodes to my chest any time soon.
Race: Do I put golem here or dwarf? Or dwarven-made golem? Well either one works.
Price: My heart. Made of diamond and the focal point to the spell that animates me. If it breaks then not only is it going to destroy a lot of things from arcane backlash, but I'll just be a non-moving statue made of fractured or broken jewels, with sentience. Sounds boring.
Battlecries*: "Mop!" "Broom!" "Quit bleeding on my clean floors!" "A thumping!"
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A True Hero Must Fall
Fred was lost. Well, more lost than before. After he'd finally left the lab he'd attempted to give the zombie a burial, only to have to run when a tank rolled into view with its barrel pointing at him. When he'd stopped running everything had gone...noir.
Colors had vanished from the world, dividing it into black and white. Fred felt kind of claustrophobic between  pure black buildings that arched into a slightly blacker than black sky. The street was shrouded in black shadows with any semblance of  light depicted as blazing white. Faceless people in fedoras and trenchcoats slowly walked down sidewalks, not bothering so much as a glance for the zombie as their bodiless narrators spoke of dark cities and corruption and dames and yada yada in depressed tones.
Fred gave them a wide berth and silently filched a paper from a newstand with a single downtrodden proprietor manning it. He didn't so much as look at Fred, being far too busy getting
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Editing complete. Chopped off a good four pages from the outline and tightened up the rest. Switched a bunch of things around in the process. Going to do some character sheets so I can keep track of the cast. Writing will probably be put on hold for a few days, so I can deal with this final for class, and I'll be getting started on Tuesday because I can't wait until April.

Working Title: Genesis Machine (this will be getting changed)
Genre: MG Fantasy

Summary: When a young boy goes to sleep on the eve of his tenth birthday and signs a contract within the strangest dream he's ever had, he has no idea of what's to come. He begins to dream of a hidden sanctum and is told that as the only one to ever reach it it's up to him to claim the power at its heart for his own. However, in order to do so he'll need to contend with the echoes of the dead god that once inhabited it. The daytime hours hold their own surprises when he discovers the awakening of his own wondrous powers by summoning forth a childhood imaginary friend.

But trouble rears its head in short order and soon the boy is pursued by two men who seek his power for their own ends. Not only that, but he begins to get the feeling that there is more to the sanctum than he was told. What really waits at the heart of the sanctum? Why does the dead god sound more human than divine in his writings? And what happened to the second person in those writings?

Things aren't what they seem during the day or night. And if this boy doesn't figure out the truth then his uncertain future won't last very long.
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